Stuff I’m Digging This Week

Acne Studios Cotton-Linen Sweater

Light sweaters have become a legit fashion trend this season with the knitwear showing up in nearly every label’s collection. This linen-blend pick from Acne will keep you looking stylish until summer gets here.

Ovadia & Sons Cargo Pants

These pants are perfectly made for the warmer months out of ripstop fabric, which is light and airy while simultaneously durable.

Thomas Pink Vintage Shirts

The styles of the 90s are back in full force, so the premier London shirtmaker decided to revive some of their classic shirts from the period. Some of them are spectacular and look like shirts Balenciaga would make, but these are a quarter the price.

Ruined by Design by Mike Monteiro

I am a stickler for good design. In fact, this entire blog is centered on the concept. So I love to read take-downs of how our society has abandoned the concept of designing with purpose and how we might restore those precepts. Preorder today.

John Elliott Long Sleeve T-Shirt

I’ve had this one on hold for a while, but I figure I better feature it before it sells out. The marble print has been popular for a minute, and Mr. Elliott does it so well.

Cav Empt Sweatshirt

I’m lusting over this sweatshirt. Its super wide cuffs, its faded black wash…it’s just funny how tweaking a few details can completely change a garment.

Castañer + Missoni Espadrilles

So Missoni’s thing is space-dyed clothing. They put it into practically everything they make. I used to not be keen on it, but since menswear got all maximalist, it’s grown on me. I am especially liking these shoes which, given the color scheme, would go with your entire summer wardrobe. They’re also a steal at the price.

Sunspel + Lemaire Mesh Tank Top

As I was researching for my recent article covering wardrobe essentials, I happened upon this exquisite collaboration. I would wear this tank top so hard.

NOHrD Exercise Equipment

So you want to have a workout room. Great! Nothing wrong with being healthy. But then you realize that your home is beautiful and workout equipment…well…isn’t. NOHrD has changed that. Combining excellent design and attractive but durable materials, you can now leave the door to your workout room open when company comes over. I especially love this minimalist pull machine.

Oakley Sunglasses

If you would’ve told me 5 years ago that I’d be eyeing Oakleys with reflective lenses, I’d think you were crazy, but them’s the shakes. Rowing Blazers and Vetements have convinced me that I need to keep an open mind. Oh, and be sure to pick up a couple more lenses while you’re at it so you’re not stuck with just one.

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