How to Wear a Cricket Sweater

Cricket season is nearly upon us here in the Northern Hemisphere, so now is the best time to buy the sweater typically associated with the sport. Unlike most every other garment in existence today, not much is known how or where the knitwear became an essential part of our wardrobes. In fact, it’s not only been associated with cricket but also golf and tennis. Sleuthy fashion historians have dated the original jumper all the back to somewhere between the late 1800s and 1920s, so it has quite a history.

Despite the unclear timeline, the sweater is firmly rooted in prepwear. Just like rugby shirts, the cricket sweater began its life as a uniform for preppy men who played the sport and as the sport itself grew in popularity, the fashion industry assimilated the style and reinterpreted its meaning. As such, the sweater looks great when worn with other pieces that revolve around the same trend, but today’s crazy fashion rules have opened up new opportunities in coordinating outfits. They can be made from cotton, wool, or cashmere and are traditionally mostly white, making the knitwear a prime piece for layering or toning down a wild outfit.

Fashion Forward

jacket by RRL; sweater by Kent & Curwen; shirt by Polo Ralph Lauren; joggers by Carhartt WIP; boots by Dr. Martens; bag by Supreme; hat by Uniqlo x JW Anderson

Just because the cricket sweater has stuffy roots doesn’t mean your outfits have to look stuffy, too. The key, while mixing in other prep-inspired pieces, is not to think too much about matching the sweater. Intentionally wearing clashing pieces is much easier with this sweater because it is a neutral white and will draw attention away from all the patterns you’re wearing. The black crossbody bag and boots, also neutral, help tone things down even more.

Easygoing Casual

sweater by Kent & Curwen; shirt by Officine Générale; jeans by Gant; boots by Timberland; hat by Huckberry x Ebbets Field Flannels

This is a great look for men who don’t want to be too loud with their outfits. Since jeans go with everything, that’s the best place to start. Just add a neutral pair of boots, a black belt, and a simple patterned shirt. You could even get away with wearing no shirt underneath, if you’re feeling slightly adventurous.

Total Prep

sweater by Kent & Curwen; shirt by Frank & Oak; jeans by LL Bean Signature; boots by Wolverine; hat by vintage

If you don’t have to wear a tie to work, this look could work for you. Otherwise, if you feel like turning the prep up to 10, just go all out with critter-embroidered chinos and a tweed cap. The modern boots and basic unbuttoned shirt help keep this fit from looking too costumey.

Smart Casual

sweater by Kent & Curwen; shirt by J Crew; tie by Brooks Brothers; trousers by Gant; loafers and socks by New Republic

My initial idea for this outfit was to wear a full suit, but unfortunately, that thought was dashed when I realized that my sweater was wool and oversized. Since tweed is now out of season (and that is the only suit I have that would look right), I figured I’d show you something you can wear today, now that the weather has begun to warm up. Though it may not work for the suit-and-tie crowd, those guys who have a little more leeway should be able to get by and grab some compliments.

Best Cricket Sweaters Right Now

Polo Ralph Lauren

Smart Turnout

Kent & Curwen

Thom Browne


Maison Margiela

Acne Studios Shows Us How to Wear Nantucket Reds

If you haven’t seen The Devil Wears Prada, having watched a pivotal scene in the movie is the key to understanding today’s rant. If you haven’t seen the film yet, I recommend it as an enjoyable, popcorn-worthy chick flick (even though I’d probably only give it about a 2.5 today). Yes, I know that scene was written using information that isn’t true. And no, it doesn’t escape me that that fact really makes the entire film lose its message, but that’s a tirade for another day.

Acne Studios recently dropped their SS19 collection, and I’m loving the mixture of off-beat colors, punchy patterns, and subtle twists on neutral basics, all of which the label is known for. But something really bothers me about how they’ve marketed the pair of pants seen in the above pictures. Okay, they’re not exactly the same. The one on the left is a runway piece made of ripstop while the one on the right is ready-to-wear made of twill. However, they’re obviously meant to be the same color, and that is why I’m channeling Miranda Priestly today.

What you don’t know is that these pants are not just orange, they’re not ginger orange, they’re not dark coral, they’re actually Nantucket red. You see, in the 1940s, Murray’s Toggle Shop on the little island of Nantucket began selling chinos in a brick red color which sold like hotcakes. Due to the amount of sailing the residents of the prep style capital did, the salt spray and sunlight began bleaching the pants into a salmon-like shade. The popularity of the pants lead Philip C. Murray to trademark the name Nantucket Reds along with the color, selling them exclusively at his shop. The faded red trousers have been a staple in preppy wardrobes ever since, with the garment serving as something of a badge of honor for the Ivy League types.

The fact is Murray’s pants are not designed well and fit like crap, and after several years, the made-to-fade red pants start looking rather…well…pink. Fashion labels like the color and its history, but they want to be able to tweak the pants to coordinate well with their looks. Thus, similarly colored pants tend to show up in the collections of labels known for preppy clothing like Polo Ralph Lauren and J.Crew or in other labels every decade or so when prepwear becomes popular again. Now is that time. Of course, no one can actually call the color “Nantucket red” because of the trademark, so they have to invent other color names like tropical orange or dusty berry. I really wish they all would just stick to one color name instead of making us guess.

It’s odd that I was just recently trying to figure out how one was expected to mix this preppy staple into a modern-looking outfit. (I don’t always feel up to wearing a white OCBD and navy blazer.) Acne is reading my mind, and now I have some inspiration. For your consideration, you’d probably be safe to mix in pieces from other modern prep fashion labels such as Noah, Rowing Blazers, or Kent & Curwen. Mix it up and don’t take the color too seriously.

Rant over.

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