Shopping the DWR Sale

Design Within Reach is not necessarily known for being inexpensive, but in the housewares industry, just like most every other industry, you get what you pay for. That sometimes-hefty pricetag pays for top-tier quality paired with customer service that is second to none. Today, DWR is basically the equivalent of the fashion industry’s Mr. Porter, a meticulously curated collection of modern furnishings. And just like Mr. Porter, they put most of their pieces in context so you can get an idea of how to style them in your own home.

Right now, DWR is running their semiannual sale to take advantage of the coming of spring and everyone’s desperation to shake off their seasonal affective disorder symptoms. This sale is excellent because if you’re considering the purchase of one of their expensive sofas anyway, it could save you $1000. At the same time, other pieces that are normally a decent price are even cheaper now, so if you were waiting to pick them up, now is the time to strike. These are just a few of the pieces I like that are on sale.

Story Bookcase

I’ve always loved the look of this bookcase because of how simple it is. Instead of being some wood-framed monstrosity that you have to somehow fit into a room, the look of this one is effectively a large stack of books that you can sit anywhere. You can even twist the shelves around to different angles and put knick-knacks on them.

KnifeForkSpoon Flatware

As a kid, my family had a bazillion different mismatched designs in the silverware drawer. While that’s kind of kitschy and rustic, there’s a certain comfort in giving all your dinner guests the same uniform flatware.

Chilewich Bouclé Placemats

While I used to think there was no real point to placemats besides making the table look pretty, I’ve come to learn that they can help make cleanup much easier. They catch all the crumbs and spatters, then you can simply throw them in the clothes washer.

Teak Bathroom Mat

I love the look of teak in a bathroom. It’s so warm and inviting. The wood is great because it requires virtually no maintenance and eventually develops a silvery patina, lending a more rustic feel to the room.

Finesse Glassware

For those who don’t know (and don’t feel bad because I didn’t either before I researched) crystal is preferred over glass in drinkware because it is stronger and thus can be made thinner without compromising durability. I can personally vouch for these glasses and say that they are the best I’ve ever owned, great for everyday use and dishwasher safe. Whereas many others have broken over time, these have yet to break once.

Dusen Dusen Towels

While I do plan to one day convert my entire collection of terry cloth towels to foutas, I might keep these on hand for guests because of how fun and colorful they are yet simultaneously modern.

Flight Recliner

It’s the chair that inspired my loyalty to DWR, but today they have so many more choices available than back then. What’s more, EVERY combination you can think of is on sale, not just a select few. So go hog wild and save a few hundred bucks.

Mondrian Mirror

Every adult person must have at least one full-body mirror somewhere in their house so that they know whether their outfit looks like a pile of crap or not. Even if you don’t really care about that, having one in a room can also make a small one look bigger. Two birds with one stone. Plus the black frame looks cool.

Model 2097 30 Chandelier

Now that is a bad ass chandelier.

Nelson Ball Clock

This clock is so cool! It can easily make a cold, neutral palette room more warm and inviting.

Sheepskin Throw

Shiny furniture (e.g., chrome and leather) tend to be a little standoffish in a living room. Simply throwing a textured piece like sheepskin will make the space more spontaneous, less chilly.

Line Media Console

This is another piece I can vouch for. Though it is short, it features a surprising amount of storage, all of which is well-concealed by the console’s design. It is sturdy and probably the best furniture we have in the living room, and that’s saying something

Raleigh Bed

I think the effect of mixing different materials and textiles tastefully into one piece is one of the neatest things in design. This bed does that beautifully without compromising its modernity or its headboard, both of which are essential.

Trove Rectangular Deep Box with Lid

At its core, modern design has always been about utility, and this box is nothing if not utilitarian. It gives you both a place to squirrel small objects away and a bonus valet tray. It might just be the most useful item on this list.

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